Occasionally there have been editors who have found my words worthy of being published. I hope they continue to do so:

  • In the Name of the Father, Dionne's Story Anthology
  • Narrative, Dionne's Story Anthology
  • No Use for Virginity, Dionne's Story Anthology
  • The Potter, 10x3 plus
  • In Pennsylvania, 10x3 plus
  • Puro Cubano, 10x3 plus
  • My Blue Cuba, Poets & Artists
  • La Familia de Camaguey, Poets & Artists
  • Trinity, Poets & Artists
  • Letters to Havana, Poets & Artists
  • Mechanic Hands, Pittsburgh City Paper
  • Origami, The English Journal
  • Blue Threads, Speed & Brisco Press, 2001
  • Teacher Just Wants to Tri: Part II,
  • Teacher Just Wants to Tri: Part I,

Of Note - some of what I first published was done so under my maiden name, Ilene Ravich.