Point of No Return

It's just after 3 pm. I've checked into my hotel here in Palm Desert; a lovely room at the Fairfield Inn. The weather is warm, but not intolerable. I've picked up my race number, my time chip, my t-shirt and my official bright pink swim cap. All that stands between me and a big-ass heavenly Hadley's date shake tomorrow afternoon:

500 meter lake swim--I've got a wetsuit this time around, ha!

14 mile road ride--on a gargantuan mountain bike no less. You should see the bikes these athletes come with; makes mine look like an elephant! They've got streamlined carbon fiber, I can pick up my entire ride with my pinkie, kind of bikes. Bastards. I hope to be a cool road racing bike bastard someday...

And a 3 mile run. Lets just be honest and call the run a jog. I'm not trying to impress anyone here.

I just want to finish the race.

No delusions of grandeur, just don't want to be last.

Wish me luck.

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Amy said...

Good luck, Ilene! I know you'll do great!