And miles to go.

"seemed alien, a threat, sign
of all I was not-

to bode order and lucidity
as an ideal, if not reality-

not this California plush, which


I was not.

And so I made myself an Easterner,
finding it, after all, more like me
than I had let myself hope."

excerpt: Frank Bidart, "California Plush")

85 hours left.

It's been a good run.

Peace Out, CA.


Amy said...

Good luck moving!

a. pinkroom said...

Yeah! No more smelly packing tape! Enjoy the trip! Even though I'm moving farther away from Pgh, we'll still be closer. I like that poem.

meli said...

you're leaving! i still can;t believe it. enjoy the trip. i just realized that you won't be able to read this b/c your comp. is packed up. love you guys!