New Land.

It has been 2 weeks now since we rolled into our new home state. I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Logically I know that I live here now, but somehow my brain won't wrap itself around the concept. Maybe it has to do with the fact that after two attempts, we still have not been able to register our vehicles-which have all arrived safely and intact. I felt like a new mother counting her newborn's fingers and toes. All four wheels on the car? Check. Windows not cracked? Check.

Our new living quarters, the upstairs room of a 1940s brick home on an acre of land, is a raging inferno. Thankfully we've managed to discover how to open the window to let some of the cool night air in.

Since arriving, I've discovered Italian custard at "Rita's." Big red doesn't like it because it's too thick and there's no "moisture" in the custard; claims it's too dry. I think it's divine.

I bought no souvenirs along our road trip, and yet somehow a travel belly has managed to spring up at my waistline. Blame it on cheap food and rest stop snacking. 4087 miles is a long way to travel AND keep tabs on your intake. Sheesh! Maybe it was the blueberry pie Uncle Bill had waiting for me, that I just HAD to eat in a period of just under 24 hrs. Whatever. Don't be judgemental. If someone had a delicious fresh baked pie waiting for YOU, you'd eat it. Yes, the whole thing.

I'm here, but not all of me has arrived. I'm somewhere between my last life and this new one. It is unsettling, but experience tells me things will be fine. I felt this way when I left for college, again when I left for graduate school, and yet again when we moved out west.

Everything has always turned out fine.
I just need time to create a new world for myself; a beautiful happy life in my new land.


a. pinkroom said...

Welcome home!

shannon said...

Big Red, huh? I LOVE it.