Will Work For Ice Cream.

I am jobless. Sort of. I've been hired by two districts as a daily substitute teacher. I am not permanent. I have no classroom to unpack next week. My posters, books, and collection of college pennants will remain in a box in a tuna can tin room of storage. When the bell rings, I won't be taking roll.

I have no classroom.

I will be a nomad this year, travelling from classroom to classroom hoping to gain a reputation worthy enough of a contract position.

I have no classroom.
I belong to no school.

My life is completely up in the air, and although I'm not afraid of heights, I'm not used to floating like this. I don't know what this new life is supposed to look like. If I close my eyes I can only see my husband. Kind. Encouraging. The rest is muddled, grey.

I have no classroom.

My nature is to remain optimistic, and while I have been able to retain most of that sense, it has been difficult. I believe in myself and my capabilities as and educator, and I trust that at some point, someone will notice the same and hire me.

Until then, I have no classroom and I belong to no school.


Amy said...

You are an amazing teacher--I know someone will notice you and you'll have a contract soon. I hope all is well and that you are enjoying your time off.

shannon said...

isn't it amazing how we feel lost without a stronghold on our passions? take this time for what it is--just another chapter in your dynamic life.