Quote of the Day.

This morning I brought with me to work (YES, sweet Jesus, I have WORK today!) a new book. Yesterday I finished, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, by Tucker Max. Oh my. Max is an absolute fuck and makes no excuses for it. He's evil and sadistic and hilarious. The book is a ten-car pile up; you shouldn't look, but you just have to. You shouldn't read it, but you just have to. You find yourself laughing at his escapades that are typically at the expense of someones dignity, and that's when you know you have resereved a seat in hell right next to him.

Anyhow, the new book is Slouching Towards Bethlehem, by Joan Didion. I recently read her newest book titled, The Year of Magical Thinking. Outstanding. Bethlehem was first published in the sixties, and is a compilation of her essays. My friend in Birmingham suggested it to me. In the preface to the text, she says:

"That is one last thing to remember: writers are always selling somebody out."

Isn't it the truth?



Christopher Copeland said...

You don't have another friend in Birmingham I don't know about now, do you? Do I serve to make you quaint to your friends, like "aww... Ilene has a friend from Birmingham"? Kind of like the response people who have befriended special needs children get?

I can't wait to hear what you think of the book!

Marie said...

Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking was an amazing book that left me sad for many, many days after I finished it... But, yes, it was outstanding! Everyone should read it and then hug their spouse non-stop for an hour:)
Hang in there with subbing, Ilene!