I'm sick of the let-down without any explanation. In retaliation, I sent this to the four who interviewed me. If they ignore me, then they will confirm what I believe to be true in this homogeneous suburban haven where I currently reside:
1. It's not what you know, it's who you know
2. If you're NOT a cookie-cutter teacher prototype, lacking in energy and enthusiasm, it's a strike against you.
3. New ideas create fear and jealousy.

Cowards. Read and enjoy!

I received a letter today from Ms. M, letting me know that other candidates for the four positions open with the ______ district, were chosen. I also received an email last Wednesday telling me that another candidate had been selected. I received this email only after I sent an inquiry about the positions.

While I believe that a phone call would have been courteous, I understand that this may not be ______ protocol. I am writing because I would like some feedback. I had requested that Ms. M ask those in the position to hire to email me with points on what I need to improve upon, so that in the future I am in a better position to be hired whether it be with ______ or another district. This was Thursday of last week, and I have yet to receive anything.

Beyond the aforementioned, the letter I received today stated, "...the candidates [possessed] such fine qualifications..." I trust that my resume was thoroughly reviewed because in doing so, it would have been noted that I:

  • have an MA in English Education from NYU
  • have publication credits that include the nationally published English Journal
  • have five years teaching experience
  • have developed and sustained original writing programs both at the middle and high school levels
  • have won Teacher of the Year

If the candidates selected for the four long-term positions had qualifications better than mine, then I can rest assured that I was not the better candidate. If my lesson on subject-verb agreement was absolutely trash, then so be it. I don't believe this to be true. I do believe that something else stopped you from hiring me. All I ask, is that in place of an antiseptically generated letter, that I receive some solid answers and feedback. I trust there is no harm in this request.

I understand that this email may be viewed as a interviewing faux pas and out of the ordinary. I'm going to guess that you do not get candidates asking for answers. I only wish to better myself and I need the constructive criticism to do so. As a finalist I feel I deserve this. I just want someone come forward and show me some professional courtesy rather than ignore me. We ask this of teachers every day, and I'm now asking it of you.

Thank you kindly for your help in this matter.

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meli said...

you are much braver than me.