The Waiting Game.

The email said, "early next week." Define early. Does early mean Monday? If Monday is almost over, then does Tuesday fall into the "early" category as well?

Definitely not Wednesday. Wednesday is mid-week. If there's no call by Wednesday then it's just a matter of time before the call followed by the hollow lines, the positions have been filled, spoken by an HR woman (it's always a woman), cracks the silence.

How long can it possibly take to decide? What kind of approval is being awaited? Is my name printed on a list with three other names sitting on some big-wig's desk, getting tossed aside as budget approvals and other phantom district issues arise? Is my name on a short list of let-down calls?

I have zero patience. I'm not good at distracting myself. I just want the call, good or horrible, so that I can get on with my current mediocre existence.

Ring, dammit, ring.


meli said...

ring, ring..... i call tomorrow.

a. pinkroom said...

Go to the movies. Don't just sit in the house but leave it and go see Nick and Nora's Ultimate Playlist. I heard it was amazing, not that I have the time to see it...but you should. It will also give you warm fuzzy feelings about NYC.