Turkey & Tanqueray

Thanksgiving is something different for everyone. Some people see Thanksgiving as an opportunity to begin drinking G&T's at 8:30 am, when they put the turkey into the electric roaster. Not me.

This year, I made three pies. Apple, pecan and butterscotch; all from scratch. My husband's Gram's highly classified crust recipe was bestowed upon me last night. I will carry it with me through many more confectionery endeavors.

Thanksgiving feels unfamiliar this year, lacking in something. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the uneasiness sits like a rock in my belly. I won't list all that's wrong with what will transpire in the next few hours, but instead I'll list what I am thankful for:

On this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for:

1. The technology that is Skype, which allows me to see and speak with my family as if they were sitting in the room with me.
2. Birth control; self explanatory.
3. Ovens that work and pies that turn out beautifully.
4. Electric toothbrushes.
5. Hair dye for those of us who have gone prematurely grey.
6. Photography.
7. My friends; the dear women in my life that keep me sane.
8. My family; the unrelenting foundation upon which I stand.
9. Big Red; my best friend, my love. My yin, my Clyde. The quiet hand that steadies me when I think I may collapse.

And not in that order. Cheers.

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Amy said...

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Post pictures of your pies. I'm sure they turned out great.