Lots of Nothing.

Just a year ago I would have been bursting with excitement; just a week left until Christmas. The presents all stuffed under the tree, the Christmas cartoon specials on TV, pretty lights and an overall sense of cheer.

It's different this year. The house is unfamiliar and the only presents under the tree are the ones Big Red and I have purchased and wrapped. AND I just noticed this the other day, but it doesn't smell anything like Christmas! There's a live Christmas tree in the living room, but no fresh woodsy pine smell. I have a feeling it has to do with the smoking that goes on inside. Cigarettes are powerful in more ways than one.

I finished my shopping yesterday and am glad to be done. Big Red has yet to shop for me; this I am CERTAIN of. You're not with someone for almost nine years without figuring out their gift buying tactics. It wouldn't be a proper Christmas without him scrambling at the final hour and coming through just in time.

I have no work lined up for tomorrow, so I'm using the day to do some baking. I've promised some friends with whom we're having a holiday dinner with tomorrow night that I'd bake an apple pie. I'm also making mini butter rum cakes as Christmas gifts for those same friends and a few others. I love, love, love the way the house smells when I'm baking the rum cakes. So warm and cozy and inviting. I'm hoping that my time spent in the kitchen tomorrow produces similar results. We'll see.

It's official: the holiday season has taken up residence by way of some extra weight. I'm a sucker for comfort food and have been needing to be extra comforted lately. I'm not going to make excuses for myself. There are none. I am my own kryptonite. I refuse to ruminate about what I shouldn't have done, what I should do and what I will do. I'm still planning on completing the half marathon in May and that's what I'm going to set my sights on. Nuff said.

I've decided that my next car will be the VW Passat CC. It's sexy, sleek and functional. It looks like a Benz but is priced for the non-Benz earners, such as yours truly. Big Red came home with the specs on it last night and was excited to show me and said, "you should be driving this car." I agreed with him. Just need to nail down that small issue of a job...

My work day is almost over and THANK goodness for that. I was bored more than I normally am. I was a math teacher (HA!). The students were doing book work and worksheets, nothing I could help them with. My book is pretty slow and I'm disappointed. I just finished The Glass Castle, which was outstanding. This new one, Hurry Down Sunshine is lacking in something. It's just kind of blegh.

I need a new hairdo. I've neglected the dying of my roots and I've got about two solid inches of natural hair color that's overly streaked with silver strands of premature tinsel. Lucky me. I'm quantifying this lack of hair attention by saying that I'm giving my locks a "break." Honestly though, I don't know what I'm doing. Don't want to go too short, and don't really care to grow it out super long. I want something fun, easy, sexy. Any suggestions?

That's all for today.

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