Mom's Crazy Chicken Salad.

Drum roll please. I am going to attempt to make my mother's chicken salad. Now, this is not just any ordinary chicken salad, this is like the mother load of all chicken salads.

Ingredients are as follows:

hard-boiled eggs
green apples
pineapple chunks
elbow macaroni

It may seem like a strange grouping, especially if you factor in the apple and pineapple, but trust me when I say it is DEEEEE-licious. I'm home yet again today, and am going to take advantage of the silence and absence of questions and nosiness and get my kitchen groove on. Big Red and I are going to our friend's house for the big game on Sunday and I have pledged to bring spinach dip, a Bacardi rum cake and the chicken salad. My mouth is watering just thinking about it all.

Steelers: Here We Go!!

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