Back Home.

It's good to be home. As I sit here typing this post there is a deer grazing on the just-beginning-to-green hillside right outside my office window, and my husband his happily snoring away in the master bedroom across the hall. And I just read the comment that Taylor Mali left on my blog this morning. Life is good.

I'm taking it easy today but I'm definitely looking forward to hanging my new curtains thanks to Mom's genius sewing skills. The curtains will finish the house and will allow me to post the long-awaited pictures.

The trip to CA was wonderful. Every day of it was great. Obviously the highlight was the poetry slam at THS and Mr. Mali himself. Seeing my parents was lovely and saying goodbye didn't feel as heavy as it did last July when Big Red and I were leaving to move out here. I think maybe knowing that I'll be back for XMAS made things a little easier.

I am content. That is all for now.

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