Catching Up.

I have been MIA from Wondering Woman thanks to a busy, busy life...

JOB: As of last Thursday, I have officially been hired. Human Resources called and formally offered me the position, to which of course I accepted. I was able to inquire about the salary scale, whether or not I'd be credited for my years served teaching in CA, and it appears that I will! More money is ALWAYS a good thing.

HOME: Big Red and I have rented a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom townhouse that sits equal distance between where I'll be working and where he currently works. The place was dingy and dowdy when we first looked at it, i.e. boogers on walls (yes, there really were), stinky carpets, mucky floors, and mismatched white paint (yes, that's also possible) on the walls. After two solid weeks of busting my/our asses, the house is looking beautiful.

We painted the living room a grey/green named "Restful." And yes, it it's very restful. We bought a chocolate brown sectional, and an area rug that combines blues, greens, greys, and browns. The couch is being delivered tomorrow and we can't wait to see it!

The master bedroom got painted a medium shade of grey named "Granite Boulder." We bought new nightstands and a taller six-drawer dresser. The furniture is a dark espresso color with brushed steel hardware. The new bedding is slate colored and very sleek. We were going for a modern/metro/hotel look and I think we damn near achieved it. In fact, I've never had a room so nice.

The office and kitchen got painted the same bright shade of blue, the name of which eludes me as I'm writing this. I'm going home in a week, and my mother who is an experienced seamstress, is going to make us curtains for the bedroom (simple white), the office (I'll be in search of a fun/funky pattern that incorporates the blue), and the kitchen (a madras print).

Unpacking the kitchen was the best. We never unpacked our wedding gifts because we knew we'd be moving. NOW we finally get to use all the wonderful kitchenware that we own. From the KitchenAid Artisan mixer, to the shiny Henkels knives and silverware...it's all brand-spanking new! And it's all gorgeous.

We have just a few more items to move from my mother-in-law's to the new place. Big Red has a day off tomorrow and I think, dare I say it, we might just be spending the night in our new place tomorrow for the first time!

It's bizarre to think that we'll have our own space again, but as crazy as it may feel, it's the real deal. We've both desperately wanted to be on our own again, and we've worked/suffered a lot for this. I just know that the years ahead of us in our new home are going to be wonderful.

We'll make it wonderful.


Liz said...

Congrats to you on the job and the new place. I'm so glad everything is coming together for you.. you deserve it!

jlk said...

Can't wait to see pictures!