4th of July Reflection.

A year ago today Big Red and I were making our way across the United States. We were in Salt Lake City, Utah in the morning and we visited Temple Square. Then we hit the road again and made our way towards Boise, Idaho, where we planted ourselves for the evening. We figured we'd just follow the locals and see where the fireworks were going to be for the evening and sure enough there was a big display put on by the city of Boise that we were able to view from a park near our Super 8 motel.

We were just four days into our trip. Four days after packing up a pretty damn good life in CA. Four days of limbo between what we knew as stable, financially sound, full of friends, comfort and a life we'd hope we'd be able to build in a state we thought would afford us the best opportunity to map out that very life we'd dreamed about.

And here we are a year later: 7.4.09. And certainly this life that we're living, while not entirely terrible, is not the picture we'd painted for ourselves a year ago. I think I can safely say we're on the right trajectory, but aiming ourselves has not been without it's letdowns and snags along the way. And we're still a long ways off from that life we gave up so much for.

Make no mistake: we've made progress in one year. We now have our own place, we're paying our bills, and I've landed a wonderful job (at least that's what it appears to be). Big Red still struggles with his job, we're no where near ready to buy a house, and we're not entirely sure where to plant ourselves.

I know there is no such thing as the perfect life. I can accept that. My lack of patience just has a way of getting in the way. I want it ALL now. That being said, I'm not stranger to struggle and hard work.

While I still have my moments of sour doubt, I continue to trust our judgement and decision to move. I will trust in hard work and patience and my ability to stay focused on the prize; the prize being my version of the perfect life. And that includes: a nice home, a family, a fulfilling career and a happy marriage - all of which are completely attainable.

We're just going to keep on keep'n on. Until we get there.

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