New Chapter.

Today marks the end of the very first week of work. And it feels wonderful. I am using my mind again, I am socializing with people in my profession again, I'm getting out of the house on a regular basis again, I'm no longer bored senseless, and best part of it all: I'm making some new friends.

Oh yeah, and we were each given our very own laptop. Sorta the cherry on top.

Our principal (a new guy because Big D decided to take a job with a much wealthier district) called us All-Stars today. And he's right. This is such a unique collection of people and such an unusual environment that it's almost hard to articulate...

Most of the time, when teachers are brought together, it is inevitable that at some point there's a venting/bitch session. Because trust me - there's almost always something to shred in the educational system. Folks get jaded, angry and dejected. And most of the time, rightfully so.

It's so unusual and kinda weird actually to be in an environment where EVERY SINGLE teacher, EVERY SINGLE member of the support staff, and EVERY SINGLE administrator is genuinely excited to be sitting right where they are. No bitching. No one is jaded. We all just feel so lucky to have found these positions and been hired.

These people I'm working with all really care about what they do. It's so awesome.

Now, the reality of it all is that this would be Fantasia if the vibe never once deviated throughout the school year. Truth is, we're in a low-stress environment at the moment. I imagine there will be some tiffs and perhaps even a few heated exchanges among the staff as the school year progresses, but I would consider that totally par for the course.

I just think we're so fortunate as a staff of this amazing new school, that we're all starting from a place of sheer excitement. We all believe in this school and all the possibilities it has.

As for my colleagues in terms of gaining friendships, there are several that seem to be my speed and I think it will be a natural progression that friendships will be formed. And I truly, truly look forward to that.

On a side note: Our principal is in a band. Yup. And we're all going to see him play tomorrow night at a bar.

Pretty cool, huh?

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jlk said...

congrats on your first week! yeah for using your brain! yeah for doing what you love and getting what you want! i'd love to have you for my teacher.