I'm annoyed with my hair. I have too much of it. I feel like shaving my head bald and attempting to go for the "alternative" look. Maybe I could be that punk-rock English teacher? Ugh. So I looked up Japanese hair straightening and it costs around a million dollars. Great. I have a decent flat iron, it just takes me an hour to straighten my hair. Way too long. I can't see straightening my hair EVERY single time I wash it. Double ugh.

What do I do?

I was not blessed with true curly hair, nor were the gods of silken shiny straight hair near me at my hour of birth. I can't afford the damn straightening system but I don't know what to do with it as it stands au naturel.

Right now when straightened, it hits just below my shoulders. Perhaps if I get it cut at a more affordable salon (aka Supercuts), then I might be able to afford the straight perm? I know the cost is based on type of hair and length of locks. Hmmm...something to look into. Maybe, maybe not. I've just been reading how bad these perms can be for you. Now the Brazilian hair straightening process has been linked to dangerous chemicals. Formaldehyde is one of the main ingredients (this is not regulated by the FDA) and is a little suspect. Apparently there's like 100x the safe amount.

What am I going to do with my damn hair.

What I want is a wash and go option. Minimal fuss, maximum style.


jlk said...

What you should do is go to a good salon and tell them that and tell them about your hair-type and its problems. There are cuts that fit with a wash-n-go lifestyle, but the chance that you'll find someone who understands that at supercuts is slim, right? And then don't the perms have to be kept up, which is more money and time.

May the force of hair be with you.

Melissa said...

i feel you sister! next time you're here we should have an experimental day of hair. :) good luck on your mission! i wish i had better advice. although two of my friends do the expensive j. perm and they love it.