Wrong Direction.

We had our first weigh in today. The scales tipped in the wrong direction for yours truly. Up 1.5 lbs. Frankly, I'm not surprised. I do SO WELL during the week and it's only on the weekends that I take a nose-dive into whatever looks delicious. Why. Why. WHY?! I was so focused before I got married; dropped almost 20 lbs. Why can't I do that again? What power that white dress held...

Ugh. I'm not giving up. Just accepting my stupid trip ups and getting back on track. Tonight I made a "clean eating" chicken cordon bleu. Turned out very well. The chicken baked a little longer than it should have (will make a note on the recipe for future use), but the taste was great. Even my picky-ass husband who can sniff out a healthy recipe a mile away thought it passed.

On a side note, the second quarter began today. 1/4 of the school year done; sweet. I instituted, along with two other teachers, a behavior driven points system. The kids hate it, we love it. It's awesome. Worked like a charm with my satanic 5th period crew. The thought of losing a smiley face was enough to hush the room during their warm-up, a behavior normally foreign to this crowd. Call it juvenile, but the smiley faces worked their spell. Who is to say that the magic won't wear off - dunno. Could happen. But I'm going to work it for as long as I can..."abracadabra, you kids will behave!"

And just around the corner, Thanksgiving break!!!!!!!

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