[C]ake This!

Feast your eyes upon my first venture into cake decorating.  Not too shabby.  I've got a ways to go before I produce magazine worthy piping techniques, but it's a start.  Of the seven of us taking the cake decorating class, I'd have to say that my cake, and T's cake (the buddy I'm taking the class with), were definitely the best.  It's not righteous horn-tooting, just honesty.  Good thing though, cause we'll be decorating the cupcakes for her baby shower.  I found it quite enjoyable spreading the icing on my two-layer cake.  I didn't purchase the suggested turntable, and after having done the icing without it, I now see what a benefit it would have been  to have had. On to cupcakes next week!


Mia said...

looks so good! I made one cake last year for a birthday party and vowed to only buy them from now on. power to you! xo

Wonder Woman said...

Thanks Mia!