Confession: I have not done so well on the eating front these past couple of days.  I'm not going to excuse myself  just because I'm voraciously hungry due to PMS (which I AM), I'm not going to excuse myself because it was a dumb-ass week at work - seriously though, there are some weeks where I question what teaching is really worth, this was one of those - because it's all a bunch of excuses, excuses, excuses.  But the biggest thing I ain't gonna do is beat myself up about it.  Today is a new day, another day to get back into the game. This is life-long, people.  I'm bound to have a few set-backs.  I'm certainly not capable of perfect, but I am capable of recognizing my f*ck-ups.  So, there it is.  I f*cked-up. It's done. Moving on.

Wow. That's really liberating!

As of lately, much of my fun Internet time has been occupied with baby blogs.  No, I'm not pregnant, but a friend of mine is.  She didn't have a traditional wedding, but instead opted for a low-key JP, and then I believe they went (or were already there?) to Niagara Falls.  Now that she's pregnant and has the chance to plan a party, details and everything, she's getting really into it.  I'm so incredibly excited for her, and I love seeing the ideas she passes along. I love party details!  I was in a state of pure unadulterated Utopia during my engagement to Big Red. Planning my wedding was the biggest high of my life to date. I got totally wrapped up in every facet and every single detail right down to the ribbon that was tied around the glass cup that held the pens that guests used to sign our guest book picture frame. LOVED it.  Needless to say, I've been enjoying seeing all the baby blog links she sends me. Some have to do with the baby shower, others have to do with setting up and decorating the nursery. Here are a few:

I love when creativity is flowing.  Despite the dumb-ass week that  I had at work, I have some of my designing and creativity flowing, as I have been enjoying writing a new course that I'll be teaching, starting next year.

The class is titled Post-Secondary Prep 1 (yup, there will be a "2"), and basically the class is supposed to be designed to help students bridge the chasm between high school and post-high school.  I'm excited that I have autonomy in creating this course (a prized commodity where I work), and I'm definitely putting my own spin on things, namely in the section I'm calling Perspectives. Besides touching upon college, career and SAT prep, I'm adding the addition of perspectives that will be based around viewing a wide-range of documentaries and discussing them. The students aren't going to be tested on anything, they're just going to view, absorb, discuss and reflect. I'm giddy over it! I want them to gain some kind of perspective that goes beyond their small walled-in lives, so that maybe, after they leave the safe cocoon that is high school, they'll have some kind of understanding and vocabulary for what goes on in the world at large.  Awesome, no?  I think it is, and I can't wait to teach it.

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