Sweet Cupcakes.

Today's decorating class was all about cupcakes.  We were told to bring just six, but since the batter made twenty-four, I bequeathed Big Red with twelve plain ones (chocolate fudge), and took in the remaining twelve for decorating experimentation.

The result is what you see in the pictures.  We learned to do shaggy mums - the blue Sesame Street looking flowers, leaves, and drop flowers.  The drop flowers are now my favorite.  It's an awkward motion to get used to; you've got to hold the bag of icing tight, and twist your hand in a clockwise motion while giving just enough pressure.  The result is a sweet little soft petaled flower.  You then use a small tip to ice the center and create the little white dot. As I was icing my cupcakes, I ran into a happy little coincidence.  I was running out of pink icing, so instead of making up a new bag of yellow (much too messy and annoying to do while sitting at a craft table in the middle of JoAnn Fabrics), I scooped the yellow directly into the bag with pink.  The end result was a lovely drop flower that looked tropical (see below).  I'm taking in my creations to work tomorrow.  I'd be done for if they remained on my counter, as I'd feel the need to eat them all...                                                                                                                                                                                            

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katie said...

An amazing teacher && an amazing baker/decorator?! You are SO talented!!