summer: day 9

I don't know what's going on but round these parts, the weather has been lovely. Is this our reward for enduring what seemed like end-of-days kind of rain? I'll take it. There's a great breeze and I'm sure the temperature is somewhere in the 70s. The sun is out and blue in the sky can be seen.

Is it wrong to eat a mango and half an avocado for breakfast? I hope not cause it was delicious, and the bright orange flesh of the mango against the green of the avocado was as pretty as it was yummy. Aren't we told to eat the colors of the rainbow in our fruits and veggies? Accomplished. Olive and I got a late start on our walk this morning. I caught up with a couple of friends on the phone, then a couple of TV shows on the DVR: Million Dollar Decorators, and 16 & Pregnant. Yes, I know - you don't have to say it, my taste in entertainment is above par. We only watch quality in this house. After nudging me several times, Olive and I  headed outside for the morning tour and then returned back home for a lunch of honey wheat pretzel sticks, broccoli salad, and iced tea.

On tap for the rest of the day is time with Tina Fey's memoir, Bossypants, and then later this evening I'll take part in a book club. I've never been in one before, and my only frame of reference is what I've seen on Oprah. A handful of people sit around a perfectly staged dining room or living room, glasses of wine or coffee in hand, and they discus the significance of why an author chose to set the story in the fall rather than the spring. Sounds a bit like English class to me. Yep, we drink wine in my classes. My students love me. I'm looking forward to the book club. We're discussing The Happiness Project. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm almost done with one of my summer projects - transforming the office into my writing/craft room. I finished the curtains this past weekend and organized the bookshelf. I think all I have left to do is find a frame for one more item, and then at some point get to IKEA for the glass top that will cover the fabric slipcover I made to hide the older desk. With the glass in place, I'll have a nice crafting work station. Oh and there's that Macbook Pro that will look amazing on my desk. Yeah, I haven't gotten that yet. Can't seem to find Macbook Pro money. Maybe someday. Pics of the room to come soon.

I've rejoined Facebook. I'm not sure how I feel about it just yet. I'm leery. I'm hesitant. But, it is summer. What better time to try it out again?

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