T's Maternity Photo Shoot

Today we shot T's maternity photos. Because she has a fabulous property, we stayed at the house. She'd already done her research and looked up several ideas. With ideas in hand, we grabbed the camera, a set of pink Chuck Taylor's, daisies (of course!), and a semi-willing husband. We laughed a ton and even T's good sport of a husband smiled a few times. The pictures came out beautifully and we were both so incredibly thrilled about what we had captured. Although there are a ton that I'm in love with, here are a few of my favorites:

Look at how pretty T looks in this picture! It's absolutely stunning.

I can't wait (I suspect neither can T) until Daisy is born. We're already cooking up ideas for her first photo shoot...stay tuned.


Gabby said...

The pics are absolutely precious! I love them!

the writer. said...

Thanks Gabby! We had so much fun taking them. I could totally get into this on side...just need a good camera. Tara might get annoyed if I keep borrowing hers!!