Backyard Nature

When I let Olive out yesterday afternoon to do her business, this is what I found sitting in the yard:

Two baby deer waiting for their mamma to come back and get them. Maybe she had to stop at the grocery store for milk. They were so well-behaved and entirely unafraid of me with my camera, or the neighbors on their deck next door.

While we regularly see wild turkey (so incredibly loud sometimes), groundhogs, skunks, raccoon, chipmunks, moles, squirrels and deer, we have never seen such young deer before. This isn't something we would have ever seen back in Torrance, CA. We have a veritable zoo right in our backyard. It's quite nice. I'm not a fan of the skunks or the raccoon, but the other animals are great. And to be honest, it's not like we're in "the cut." We're just seven miles from the true city; we're barely touching upon the start of the suburbs. I have to proudly report that Olive did not take off like a wild banshee when she saw them. I called her back into the house and she followed my directions. My instinct says that the fawn would not have been as excited to play with her as she would have been to play with them. And I didn't know where mom was. Lord knows what a crazed mamma deer would have been like coming out of the trees.

There you have it. This week's edition of backyard nature. I have to include the following picture of Olive, lazying the day away as I write in my office. To her credit we did go on a walk this morning, a little later than usual and it was sticky-gross hot out:

Yeah, that's right girl. Kick up those paws and relax. It's summertime.

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