writing & craft room

My writing & craft room is complete. I enjoyed making it over and I love being in the room even more. Although the curtains were a novice sewing project, I'm happy with how they turned out. The next task I'd like to conquer on the sewing machine: zippers. I think I'm going to try and make pillows with removable covers. I see gorgeous pillows everywhere and I nearly vomit when I see how much the cost.

Virginia Woolf once titled an essay: A Room of One's Own. Women need their own spaces. This room is mine. It's mine alone in which to be quite, to be creative and reflect. I expect that as my life becomes more complicated (read: family life), I'll want, more than ever, a space of mine own.

My room.
Pretty, pretty pink and green curtains.
Writing space; I made over the chair! It was garbage left on the sidewalk, now perfectly usable.
Craft area. The slipcover was something I created and sewed (hides an old desk).
     Cork board re-purposed. Old picture frame spray painted white, and fabric over the cork.
Bookshelf storage: books, fabric, sewing supplies. The bookshelf was a cheap find - only $30. It's a tad rickety and I fear for how long it may/may not last.
Sewing machine all folded up becomes a display table with antique typewriter, some books, a framed California postcard, and the machine's manual. 
     Representing my roots.


heidi said...

i love the california picture; i never noticed it before. the room looks tremendous, and it is not just because you take fabulous pictures.

katie said...

this room is so fun. love what you have created! :)