dinner time

Our resident mama deer and her two little ones stopped by our neighbor's yard, as they often do, for dinner last night. I happen to have my camera handy so I was able to snap a few images of the trio. They weren't the least bit interested in a weird lady peeking around a tree like a creeping marauder. They ate to their fill and then vanished back into the trees.

And then just because I think this is an adorable picture of Olive, I included it as well.

The toy in her mouth used to be a plush lion. Olive has an affinity for ripping up soft toys almost immediately upon being given one. But that's fine by us as she's never once touched our furniture or linens. Mom brought the lion for her. It's now a disemboweled lion. Its stuffing entrails are scattered around the house. Poor little lion, you lasted about a day. You were no match for our "intense chewer."

Frankly, I'm happy you were sacrificed and not our furniture.
That's the way we like it around here.

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