Awesome Start.

Day 1 is in the books (179 to go?). And a good one it was. Because I don't teach first period, I'm assigned to "metals." That's where you stand at tables and check students' backpacks and purses while they go through the metal detectors. It's kind of annoying, but nice in that you have a chance to greet everyone as they come in the door at the start of the day. Today at metals, I got many hugs, and even a gift:

One of my students was lucky enough to enjoy a cruise to the Caribbean this summer and this is what she brought back for me. A beautiful and sparkly purple necklace made of wood and sequence. Love it. I wore it all day. This was so unusual and unexpected. And wonderful.

My creative writing class is stellar. It's a fabulous group of students, all of whom I know well; I've had them for the past two years. These first nine weeks with them will be delightful. I can't think of a better way of kicking off this new elective class. What a treat to have students who want to be in class because they chose to be there. I've been waiting 8 years for this, and dammit if I'm not going to enjoy every minute with them.

By the end of the day the rest of my colleagues were reporting similar tales. Tales of students responding to direction and correction. Minimal disruptions and cooperative learning environments. While it's all well and good now, I'm still more than prepared for the other shoe to drop. However, I'm not saying it actually will. Who knows, this could finally be the year that our tiny school gets its kinks worked out and we're not frazzled by February. The punks are still there, but we know their numbers (fyi: when I say "punks" I mean it affectionately). Morale is high; higher than it has ever been. I think if we can all collectively keep our spirits up, we're going to have a banner year.

It's amazing how being gone for an entire summer really changes nothing. Today we all stepped right back into our routines without a hiccup. I wonder what a first day back to school will be like with a baby? There's no baby to speak of yet, but take this morning for instance. I woke up at 5:45, and at my leisure had breakfast, watched the news, made my lunch, did my hair and makeup and then got dressed. Big Red's alarm went off just as I was getting dressed and we seamlessly waltzed through our morning routine. I kissed him goodbye, and was on my way by ten to 7. What will change once there's a little one? Will I be getting up at 4 am? Will Big Red be getting up sooner? My guess is: YES. To all questions. And even after school. I was able to pack up my belongings and then casually chat with a few colleagues before making my way home. With a baby will I need to bolt out the door to pick him/her up from daycare?

Look at me now: blogging with not a care in the world and no one that needs my attention. Except for Olive. But she's near my feet and snoozing. I'm guessing she's doing just fine.

I hope when it's my turn to be a mommy that I'll be able to manage my time as effectively as I do now and that life won't become some hectic whirlpool of days smashed into one another. I am a hyper-organized woman. Someone please tell me I'll be able to manage and make it work. How do you make it work?

ps: Want an example of true love? Big Red gave me the last piece! of his birthday cheesecake. The only condition was that I not inhale it. It took everything I had, but I made that piece last for ten whole delicious minutes.


Nancy said...

I wish I had a teacher like you when I was in school! your writing is lots of fun to read

Mia said...

First of all, it's so fun to have a great first day. It makes the rest of the year seem like icing.

Second, to answer your question about how your routines/time management will change with a baby.. Yes, yes and yes. Everything will be different, but in a good way. You will find ways to get it all done, but you will always be pressed for time. You will read for pleasure (the newspaper? what's a newspaper?), but only in the summer, and only during naps. You will find that you don't care about the shows you don't get to watch (or the blogging you don't get to do) because your time is precious and only spent doing the stuff that's necessary, like feeding, snuggling and cleaning a teeny person.. It is quite an adventure!

ps. you can listen to the news on the radio..