Renovation Project #3: Small Bathroom.

Shower stall with  ugly blue tile removed.
When Big Red and I bought our 1963 ranch in February of 2010, we knew we were getting a solid little house. We also knew we'd need to give it some updating. Neither one of us is afraid to tackle remodeling jobs; we're your regular weekend warriors.

Since the close on the house a year and a half ago, we've completed the renovation of our kitchen and the finishing of our basement. The last two major indoor projects are the bathrooms. We have two full baths, one downstairs in the finished basement, aka the family room, and one on the main floor. The one on the main floor is going to have to be a complete demo down to the studs. That's going to be a biggie. Before we launch into the remodel of the big bathroom, the little one downstairs needs to be given a face lift, as it will serve as our only working toilet and shower while the big one is torn up.

Stall with drywall gone, and pan busted up!

Project: Small Bathroom Face Lift began yesterday! This weekend's goal was to complete the demo and it looks like Big Red will be hitting his target. The two major points of our face lift will be a new shower stall and a new window. The shower stall will no doubt prove to be the biggest challenge. In fact, Big Red is on his way back to Home Depot to return the mini jackhammer he rented. It was necessary to bust up the old concrete shower pan. There will be some adjusting of the plumbing, but nothing too major. We're going to install a prefabricated shower stall. It seems the most economical and least annoying way to go. We considered tiling, but decided against it. There may be a short tile border around the top edge of the stall, but that's it. The existing toilet and sink will remain, the walls will get a coat of paint, and we'll run the moisture resistant laminate from the family room right into the bathroom for a seamless transition.

I'm confident we can do this face lift for $1,000. The shower stall and the window will be the bulk of the expense, but the rest of the materials should be marginal.

Here we go. Again.


Irwin Zinkin said...

Thank god that blue tile was removed. It was getting a little too gaudy!

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