Trimming the Fat

As per my last post, the theme for 2012 in our household is less is more. And we're sticking to our guns. This morning, I made the call to Comcast and had our land line cancelled and our cable viewing reduced to just -deep breath- basic cable. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth, which is incredibly pathetic, but I've made no bones about my addiction to television. I'm convinced this will not only benefit our overall monthly expenses, but it will help get me out of my TV quagmire. Time to dry out my brain, so to speak.

In addition to the overall cable bill, we also went and updated our cell phones. Because we knew these would be our only forms of telephone communication, Big Red and I wanted to make sure we had the proper equipment.

No. We did not get smart phones. Sorry. We refuse to do so. Neither one of us feels the need to have the Internet at our fingertips. Our wireless and individual laptops will suffice for now. And if our overall goal is to spend less money, getting smart phones would blow that up quickly with a data plan. So no, no smart phones. Just a simple Blackberry-esque looking phone without all the bells and whistles:
We revamped our cell phone bill which included a 15% discount to our monthly bill thanks to my employer. So even though we added unlimited texting to both our phones, with the discount, our bill will actually be cheaper.

We win.

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