...day 21...

...and things couldn't be better. I just weighed in and lost another three pounds. Since the start of this eating challenge I'm now down 5.8 pounds, giving me an overall grand total of 14 pounds since the clock struck 2012.

And it feels A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Typically when I get caught up in some new eating fad, it's hard at first, takes a while to get used to - all the usual crap. The brilliance of this eating challenge has been that for not one second has it been difficult. I eat when I'm hungry and I pretty much eat however much I want - which for this gal, who loves her portions!, is so satisfying. I'm not cranky, I don't "miss" anything. I've had a few sodas here and there when I've really felt like it, Big Red and I bought some ice cream last weekend, and I even had (twice) a coffee mug full of delicious butter pecan - full fat, mind you. I'm no longer fettered to the scale and can patiently wait until the week's end to weigh myself.

It's amazing.

I've been working out hard this week and plan to for the coming week as well since my free membership at the gym ends on the 26th. If I can knock out a few more pounds before the membership is up, I'll be pleased as punch.

Some of the recipes I've come across have been incredibly delicious and one, well, not so much. I honestly didn't think eating plant-strong with plenty of veggies, legumes and fruits would be this easy. I've virtually eliminated all animal products for the duration of this challenge. I did though make some orange chicken, from scratch using THIS recipe the other night. It was scrumptious served over brown rice, although I noticed how heavy the meal felt and how I couldn't put down the portion I normally would have. Oh, and I did sprinkle about a 1/4 cup of shredded cheese over top of a vegan casserole - mainly for Big Red. But honestly, other than those two moments, it's been clean eating out the gate. And I feel clean. It's almost like my body is rejuvenating itself and running on premium fuel.

Even though the challenge is going to be up after this coming week, I definitely see myself carrying on with these habits. How could I not? My body is responding beautifully to the food I'm eating, it's definitely responding the calories I'm torching at the gym - even Big Red noticed the other day: Your body feels different, stronger and more lean. What woman WOULDN'T want to hear that?!?!?! And even though I know I'm doing this for myself, I would be lying if I didn't say his noticing didn't stoke the encouragement fire. Some other folks have noticed the weight loss, mainly in my face (isn't that always the first place to show? why can't it be the belly or thighs? or even the back fat?), and a colleague commented on my baggy pants the other day.

It all makes me feel great.
It all makes me feel amazing.
Have I mentioned how amazing this has all been?
The proof is in the pudding plants.
Time to head to the gym. :)

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