Happy Saturday Morning. Today's edition of Glass Half Full is brought to you by the sweet mollifying melody of rain. It's been downright daggone hot in the Steel City. For the past several days it was as if we'd skipped spring altogether and been thrust into summer. Lambent blue skies and 80 degree weather. We even broke a record high that had been in place since the 40s. The rain is a welcome respite from the heat, and perfectly sets both mood and tone for today's project.

The title of this entry is twofold:

1. Yes, OCD is referring to the traditional take on the acronym. Sometimes I refer to myself as Monica Geller after Courtney Cox's character on the 90s show, "Friends." I am somewhat comically obsessed with keeping neat and organized. Living by the philosophy that everything has its place is comforting. I enjoy lists and being able to check off items pleases me to no end. I use the term OCD here as more of a tongue-in-cheek reference; while I enjoy cataloging and orderliness, I realize the true disorder is no joke.

2. I'm creating my own OCD acronym: Organizing Circulating Dinners. In my recent efforts to get and remain healthy, I've revamped my menus and have amassed a sundry of dinners. Using my cookbooks, recipes passed along from friends and the glorious phenomenon known as Pinterest, I now have somewhere near 50 recipes. No kidding. And I keep collecting more and more.

I've been able to get all meals listed in a Word document. The next step is to take a trip to Staples and pick up some large note cards. I'm getting three different colors; each meal will be categorized as one of the following: vegan, vegetarian, conventional. Ideally, each card will give the name of the meal, list ingredients and directions, and give nutritional information. I don't plan on getting it all done today - I don't have nutritional information for everything, but intend to add the information as I make the meals for which that info is missing. Once each card is finished, it will get laminated, I'll punch a hole in the corner, and then put it on a metal ring. Imagine a key chain of quick to access meals with all pertinent information. Easy quick menu planning makes my little heart sing!

Speaking of little, I've added another 2.4 lbs. to my weight loss, putting me at -22.4 lbs. I keep on keep'n on and am sticking strong with my workouts. As I sipped my once-a-week mug of coffee this morning, Big Red and I caught an infomercial for Insanity. Um, there are no words. It really does look insane. I'm not quite ready to take on Insanity and will happily remain with my P90X for the time being. Perhaps Insanity will be the next step?

Big Red has also hopped on the healthy train. The week that has just ended was the first of two that Big Red has off in the interim between jobs. He ate a revised and healthier breakfast and had for lunch whatever I took. He dropped 4 lbs. this week. He's going to continue to follow in my footsteps again this coming week and reports that he's feeling good. And of course that make me feel good. I'll be more than happy to quit buying Pop Tarts and crap-filled hot dogs. He's even tried to lay off the coffee a bit, a well-known Big Red vice.

Happy 4 days into Spring 2012.

ps: Big Red is also making big progress on the small bathroom renovation. Drywall is up, second coat of mud is up. We're buying primer, paint, and tiles this weekend. :)

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