Happy Birthday

Today, after 64 hours of labor, seven of which included pushing "like a goddamn champion," one of my dearest friends gave birth via cesarean to a healthy baby boy. Dad reports that he has hands like a point guard, and yes - they have a name, but are going to sleep on it. Wise decision after such a long battle to bring this little guy into the world. His name, whatever it may end up being, will be with him forever. A charge his parents are not taking lightly, and rightfully so.

He is a Memorial Day baby, a gemini. According to the stars he will have no sense of danger, nor fear of failing. He will go after what he wants and make an amazing friend. He will love with a wide-open heart and be blessed with good health. He will believe in selfless acts of kindness, and will not be concerned with materialism.

Baby Boy C - I wish you all that the universe has to offer. You were brought into this world by a strong mama bear, and a papa who stood by her side - all 64 hours of it.

You are loved.
And I can't wait to meet you.

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