Summer 2012: Day 1

Day one was a success. Got up at 8:30 am, walked Olive, hit the elliptical, ate breakfast, showered, figured out how to submit an application for my Level II teaching certificate, booked two new photography gigs, went to the grocery store and lounged the afternoon away on the big brown couch watching Sex and the City 2. Never you mind that I've seen it already a handful of times. It's fun. And it's summer. And I've got not a care in the world!

I didn't start the reupholstering of the two wing back chairs I picked up a couple of months ago. Nope. Didn't get around to it. I'll start tomorrow.

And I didn't make it to Sam's Club to buy the second and third installments of 50 Shades of Grey. Finished book one yesterday and am considering reading the rest of the trilogy. These books are definitely not going to be canonized, and the writing is redundant. Let's face it, how many times can you write, "my breath hitched," before it loses something? Yeah, like I said, these works of fiction ain't going to be revered or taught in schools. Not even close.

I have no mighty plans for this installment of summer. Really just relaxing, reading, working out, trying out some new recipes and a couple of fun crafty projects. I hope that Big Red and I can get away for some short weekend stints, but if I'm around, you'll probably find me on the big brown couch.

Let Summer 2012 commence!

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