Saturday morning. Quiet. The subtle prattle of rain. Windows open.

2012 has been quite a year, and while it's not over yet, it sure wasn't what we thought it would be. Is it ever? Just a few months left before we walk into 2013. I'd like to think 2013 will be our year. So many ups and downs - it sure would be nice to have some ups that stay, well, up.

I'm also considering dismantling this blog. I know some people like reading it, and it's a cool record of my life's happenings, but as I get a little older, and more introspective, I find the need for privacy to be greater. Blogging begs the question: Why do we really feel the need to share everything with everyone? What's the value in that? I have no idea whose eyes fall on my words. Is there some weird 21st century validation in publicizing your life? Validation from random strangers? Some time ago I took a break from Facebook. I managed to steer clear for several months and then got pulled back into the vortex.

I'm thinking this blog has served it's purpose, and I'm also thinking it needs to be taken down. I have other good things going - a small photography gig, occasional writing and super randomly rare publishing. I've got my husband, my dog, my teaching, my friends and my family. My energy needs to be with them.

I'm thinking the end of 2012 will also be the end of Glass Half Full.

Here's to keeping it simple, balanced, and peaceful.

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Mia Blitstein said...

Oh, I will be sad if/when you close this outlet. I totally understand what you're saying though about needing privacy to sort through the happenings in your life. I try to reserve some of my life for my own family and friends, but also keep some open in the hopes that someone who needs it will find it and connect to it. Don't go too far!