A Mighty Tree

This morning I had my third round of acupuncture with Debbie. I've been going for three consecutive weeks and I will admit I feel like I'm changing. While the sense is subtle, nothing profound or life-altering - something has most certainly begun to shift.

The first round of needles resulted in a wonderful sense of euphoria and it lasted quite some time. The second round not so much. The awareness of something was a little more refined. Throughout the week I made note that I wasn't getting hung up on what had to be done right now, because what if... The dialogue was more along the lines of, yes, this should get done, do the best you can. Debbie had suggested that when I started to feel that hyper urgency to do something or a need to overreact, to breath deeply - like from the belly. Apparently what dominates my nature is yang - the positive, active, strong force of the yin and yang duo. When Debbie listened to my pulses, she picked up on my pronounced yang. Part of my treatment has sought to and will continue to work on balancing the pair.

Today, needles were placed near my kidneys, the backs of knees and ankles. The goal was to strengthen the kidney's, a grounding organ, one that would aid me in working to be more present - not allowing myself to get tangled in all the blasted what ifs.

The slight changes that have been occurring are indicative of a larger mountain moving. If the change was rapid and always euphoric, the fall from that height would be greater. The way I see it, the changes I'm making/feeling, although slow, will last for the long haul. Consider a tree that shoots up towards the heavens, ravenous for the sun. Because it grew so quickly, it's roots could not keep pace and therefore lay superficially beneath the earth. It will never be as strong as it's sister who has taken her time to grow gently, steadily reaching towards the sky, allowing her roots to expand widely and deeply. Who will stand mighty against wind that challenges their integrity? I want to be the tree that endures.

After leaving my acupuncture appointment, I had a photo session lined up in which I had the privilege of photographing five day-old newborn fraternal twins. The sweetness of these two babies was off the charts.

On Wednesday I did yoga. I'm naturally inclined to not like yoga. My history as a competitive athlete has formed my need to exercise in an aggressive manner. If I'm not sweating profusely and exerting my muscles until they burn and shake, well then I'm not really exercising. Debbie explained to me that yoga is a restorative exercise, and perhaps I should be open to a more balanced approach to fitness. In keeping with taking care of myself, yesterday, I went to YogaRythmics and had a blast! Afterwards, my friend and I went to The Milkshake Factory and had oh so delicious milkshakes. AND I have another photo session tomorrow. AND I'm leaving tomorrow night to attend the presidential inauguration.

I've been busy. It's been good. I have a long way to go to find my balance, my peace, the equilibrium between my yin and yang - but I'm getting there. Slowly, but surely.

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