The Friendly Truth.

There are about a BILLION websites, blogs, posts, Facebook pages, aps - you name it - dedicated to anything having to do with a baby. For the most part I've used, when in doubt, the ever popular What to Expect When You're Expecting, and my favorite blog: Pregnant Chicken. Amy Morrison, the "broad behind the bird," is my kind of chick (pun intended). She serves up advice without holding back, and I appreciate that. I can't speak for other women, and can only do so for myself when I say that I don't want anything sugar coated. Yeah, yeah I know this is going to be an amazing experience, I know it will change my life forever - I've got a handle on the big stuff. What I want to know about is the little stuff. The gross stuff. The stuff that makes people blush and not want to say out loud because they themselves are too squeamish or they think I can't handle it. Trust me, I can handle it.

I want to be in the know.


(Cause there is always one.)

I want to know when I ask for the info.

Just wanted to keep that clear.

Fill me in AFTER I've asked to tap into your wellspring of knowledge, and not a second before. Because if you do so, while you may see me smiling and showing off the gorgeous row of teeth for which my parents paid a sweet many pennies, this chick ain't really listening. Sorry darling, it's the truth.

At 30 weeks and ticking, I have found that even though I've got a couple of reliable resources, the very best sources of information are my contemporaries. The women in my life who have recently birthed babies. My fabulous posse of lady friends know me well-enough to know that when I ask about something, I don't want the abridged version. And they've been wonderful. They've filled me in on what's going to happen down there, what state my boobies may be in after the little miss arrives, and what to expect while giving birth. It's the kind of information and honesty I appreciate.

Most recently I queried my posse about what to bring with me to the hospital. They were quick in their responses and many of them had great tips. What I found hilarious was the overwhelming consensus to pillage the hospital of the mesh underwear I'll be given post-delivery. Most said take a few out of the pack I'm given, put the rest in my personal bag and then ask for more. Apparently, as it may be no surprise to anyone with a working logical mind, the area south of my belly button will be in a bit of a state after the baby arrives. These mesh undies are comfy, and no one cares (especially the wearer) if they get messy. Just pitch and put on a fresh pair. Also on the pillage list was the ingenious invention of the ice-pad maxi pad. I'm to grab and store as many of those puppies for myself as well. Who knew?!

Other than pack the hospital bag, there is little else for me to do by way of preparing for my daughter's birth. Everything we need has been purchased, received, washed, folded, stored, set up, laid out, shelved, and is ready for her.

10 weeks to go...

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Mia Blitstein said...

If you actually want gory details, you know I'm always here. <3