Burn Baby, Burn.

How You Know Your Trainer Has Kicked Your A**

1. When she asks how you're feeling at the end of the workout, all you can say is, "hrmmmnyeah."
2. When you go to depress the unlock button on your car key, your finger is lacking the strength to do so.
3. When you reach for your water bottle, the bottle itself is too heavy to lift-all 12 oz. of it.
4. When you stop at the gas station, you almost continue because the thought of getting out of the sitting position into a standing position sounds like a feat larger than scaling Mt. Everest.
5. When you do decide to get out and pump gas, the pump itself is too difficult to manage and it appears that you have an early onset case of the tremors.
6. When you get home and have to climb the 15 steps to your apartment, it takes you 15+ minutes. Yes, that's 1 minute per 6 inch rise in elevation.
7. When you get inside your apartment and peel that banana, you're so exhausted that you forget what you're doing and attempt to wash the peeled banana instead of your hands.
8. When you sit down to write a blog entry, your fingers miss the asormpropritate letters.

And that's how you know.

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