No Fail Algebra.

I, like many women, have always been looking for the magic bullet that would lead me/transform me/give me the perfect body. All those pills advertised on TV don't mean shit. Have you ever noticed the fine print at the bottom of the screen during those commercials? It usually says something like "these statements have not been evaluated/approved by the FDA." Those pills are really to be used as supplements; they supplement YOUR HARD WORK. If there really were a magic pill that could melt off the pounds then it would be all over the news, and it would cost a gazillion dollars because the inventors would know that they could make a gazillion dollars off everyone searching for a quick fix. The elusive quick fix for a lazy bunch of couch potatos.

Guess what? I discovered the magic bullet. It comes down to some simple no fail algebra:

Toned Sexy Body = (Healthy Choices + ChristyX2) Sweat Equity

As a woman I have been conditioned to follow the numbers on the scale. While the scale is an important tool, I have learned that it doesn't tell the entire tale. In these past three weeks I have only moved the scale down a few numbers because I've gained 2 solid lbs. of calorie incinerating muscle. What the scale also won't reveal is that I've melted off a total 3.75 inches and almost 4 lbs. of pure fat. That's about half the weight of a newborn. YESSSSSSSSS!

My clothes are fitting better and people are starting to take notice. This past weekend I treated myself to a new summer dress and liked very much how I looked in it. This is not about getting somewhere quickly, but rather about embracing the ways of the tortoise and making consistent progress that will stick. It's a lifestyle change and a lot of good hard work.

For the first time
in my life
I have begun to
fall in love
my body.



meli said...

I feel you sister! I feel more energetic and have really come to embrace many of the changes I've made in my life this past year. My goal is to make sure that this isn't just a fad but my life. And yes... I'm not so horrified when I look in the mirror these days. I'm actually kind of happy.

a. pinkroom said...

You go girl. (I say this as someone who just interrupted her own self-imposed yoga time to check my email. Where are my priorities?) I wish I had your drive and self control, but I just wanna eat a snickers bar and take a nap.