Today is the first day of work for my colleagues back in CA. They'll be sitting in horrible meetings all day long, probably passing the time by passing notes. I know, I used to do it.

And I'm here. There was no work for me today, so I'm home on the other side of the country, sitting at the computer in a pair of Big Red's boxers and a tank top. It's 8:51 am EST.

So far today I've:

1. Researched the benefits of Fish Oil supplements
2. Calculated a depressing BMI
3. Emailed a friend
4. Updated my Netflix queue
5. Found the season premiere for The Office
6. Tried with no luck to find a season premiere date for Breaking Bad
7. Spoke with a representative from the gym I want to join

And that's about it. Now for the next eight hours to tackle...


Amy said...

Enjoy it while you can! Before you know it, you'll be getting jobs daily.

shannon said...

8. Updated blog.