Mrs. 6th Grade.

I'm a sub today at a lovely middle school with an even lovelier Principal. She made a point to come in and introduce herself and chat with me for a while. She said she'd keep her eyes and ears open if she heard of any English positions opening up. I guess there are some people willing to help.

I was not looking forward to this sixth grade stint; my preference is for the older smart-ass children of the world. I've had three classes come through so far, none with more than six kids in each. Is this a joke? My classes back in CA topped out at nearly 35+!! AND so far, the kids have been awesome. They're quiet, they get to work immediately, and they're polite.

A career in middle school? Maybe. I'd definitely take it if the opportunity presented itself. Lord knows I might shrivel up and wither away if I have to sub for more than a year. I know myself and I know that while I would be successful with the younger kids, eventually my desire to be with the older kids would win out. But hey, it could be someplace to start...

Joined the gym and went for the first time yesterday! I incinerated 500+ calories and it felt so good to sweat. It's been a while and my body responded well to the exercise. At the very least, now I have a reason to get out of the house and a destination to keep my busy on those non-working days.

I'm still floating along, trying to find my footing... With yesterday's trip to the gym, small as it may seem, I think my fingertips may have grazed the rung of this new elusive ladder called: My Life.

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