Adios 2008.

What can I say about a year that has been marked by both happiness and unbelievable frustration.

It's snowing outside; big fat white snowflakes. On this very last day of 2008 I drove down to the city and dropped off an application for a position with a brand new school that will be opening this fall. It has all the makings of a tremendous opportunity. The location of the school is in the heart of the city where I once walked to and from classes as a college student. I love this city. It would be just perfect working in and among where my history with this lovely little space of the universe began. Where my life as an adult really began.

I had a great conversation with the woman in HR. She was friendly and seemed to like me...so much so that she said she was going to attach a note to my application before she put it on the Principal's desk.

I asked her if there was anything I could/should do to set myself apart from the certain pile of applications that will land on this man's desk. Should I call? Apparently Mr. Principal has been bombarded by phone calls. She said calling would be fine, just to leave the message in a short and sweet fashion. Done. I filled her in on my plight and she smiled at me and said that everything would work out. I told her that my mom said the very same thing to me the other night: 2009 would be my year to find a home as a teacher. The nice woman said to listen to my mother because mothers always know best.

Tonight we're going out with another couple, close friends of ours, for some good old Mexican cuisine (oh, how I've missed you!) and then ringing in the new year, quietly at their house.

I can't help but feel the tiniest bit hopeful for 2009.

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Amy said...

Good luck! I know things will work out. How's your ankle doing? Have a great New Year's Eve and enjoy the Mexican food!