Missed Step.

On the afternoon of Christmas eve, I was coming down the stairs to the living room and missed the last step. In missing the last step, I landed with extra weight on my right foot. My ankle collapsed. My knee buckled and wrenched in a bad direction. There was a stretching/tearing sound. Pain. Immediate nausea.

Not good.

My history with knee injuries goes back fifteen years. I've had two ACL reconstructions on my right knee. Three guesses which knee I hurt on the stairs. Yup. Such is my luck.

So far the joint is exhibiting none of the signs that would indicate and MCL/ACL injury. No swelling. It can bear weight. Unfortunately it is a little stiff and if I jostle it just the right way, there is a bit of a sharp sting in the lower right rear section.

My hope is that it's a bad sprain and if there is a tear of any kind that it's minor and may be able to heal itself. If the issue doesn't clear up in a week or so, I will not sign up for the half marathon.

I won't lie. I am beyond terrified that I may have done some serious damage. Again.

And this time, without any health insurance.


Amy said...

I hope it feels better soon! How was your Christmas?

meli said...

oh no! i hope it will be okay after a little r & r. :( you'll be in my thoughts.

Liz said...

I hope you're ok and will be able to sign up for the half marathon, I know you were looking forward to that. If not, you'll always have next year.
Take care and keep writing, I look forward to reading your blogs :)