Broken Shower II

Ha! Those working against me underestimated the power of Drano Max! Shower was unclogged and I made it to the gym. Yesssssss. Love those workout endorphins.

JLK says I'm in the Bell Jar. You know what's kind of funny, or maybe a little serendipitous? I'm actually reading the book right now, The Bell Jar, and I'm totally digging it.

To JLK: I promise if I feel myself sliding towards Esther-ville, I'll pick up that nonesense job you suggested. And yes, I will call you if I get drunk. The likelihood of that is almost nil as I'm a pariah when it comes to the general trends of thirty-somethings and what they imbibe. But I promise, should it happen, the drunk thing, I will dial your number.