And Then It Rang.

Got the call I was waiting for.

It was the worst possible timing: I had just left the downtown vicinity (where I was dropping off some payroll paperwork) and was looking for my entrance onto the parkway (they don't call them freeways out here...strange). Just as I saw it, the phone rang and it was the call I had been waiting for. As I answered trying not to sound too flustered, I missed the entrance and ended up wandering around downtown, down one-way streets with illegible signs and zero places to safely pull over, all the while trying desperately to take in all the information I needed to hear:

What: Round 2 Interview: Mock Lesson.
When: Next Friday, February 27.
Where: Board of Ed. Building.
Time: 8 am.

Finally, I meandered back into the right direction and found may way back onto the parkway.

This was yesterday. My mind has been racing for twenty-four hours as to WHAT I should do for this mock lesson. I hate these. This will be the third time I've done this, and it's the step I've never gotten passed. Because this school is going to be focusing on science and technology, I sincerely believe it would behoove me to use some kind of technology in my twenty-minute lesson. Available to me in the room will be a laptop, a projector and a SMART Board. I've never used a SMART Board, so I won't even go near that...but a laptop with a projector = PowerPoint!

And that's what I've been doing for the past four hours. Working on a PowerPoint that shows off my intelligence and creativity

I have one shot next Friday to hit this baby out of the ballpark and it can't be by a slim margin. I want to leave that interview with my panel convinced I am the one to hire. I want to be on their minds ALL day long and so that every candidate that follows me, will be of no consequence. I'm the first to go. I'm the rabbit.

Wish me luck.


Amy said...

Good luck!

Liz said...

Good Luck! You'll be great!