In my last post, I said I needed to hit a home run today. I don't know that I hit the home run, but I definitely hit a double, and maybe just maybe, even a triple.

How much harder could I have worked? I couldn't have. I was as prepared as anyone could have possibly been prepared. The Principal stated, just before I began my demo, that he was certain I was knowledgeable, that I understood teaching methodology. What he wanted to see was personality. He said magnetism was something that could not be taught. Well, magnets I've got and in that department, I'm batting 1000.

Something tells me, that the Principal sees something in me. I have to believe that today's "show" was enough to make him want to bring me in for that final interview. I have to believe that he sees potential in me. Why else would he bring in an outsider?

I sent out an email today to all my friends and family giving them the update and their replies brought tears to my eyes. There is so much positive energy, and so many prayers and well wishes falling upon me, it's hard not feel like all that energy alone won't get me that next call.

So to those of you, thank you.

Mom continues to keep the candles lit.
And Dad said on the phone today that I was born with the ability to draw people in.

I'm putting this out into the universe:

Dear Principal D,

I know you see something in me that keeps drawing you back in. I need you to go with that gut feeling, that intuition that tells you: Take a chance on her. Go against the grain, Principal D. Take a chance on me.

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