One Last Hoop.

Things are looking up...

I've made it through to the third and final round of the interview process. I'll be meeting with Principal D on Monday, March 16. It's a meeting over lunch in which he wants to have a frank discussion about expectations. He said it was going to be an honest dialogue between the two of us and that he "would not be wasting [my] time if [I] didn't have a very, very, very good chance."

Hypothesis: The job is mine and this meeting is one last hoop we both have to jump through. Being an "outside" hire I'm certain he has to be careful in how he proceeds to hire me. He'll have to justify his choice to The Union (thank goodness for them when they're on your side) and the rest of the HR scrutinizers. They may ask: Why pass over an internal candidate for an outside hire?

Hopefully I'll get a firm answer next week and the process will begin so as to lead me to sign on that coveted dotted line. Then the next question is: Will they credit me 5 years of experience, or hire me as a first year? The difference is about 6K. Frankly the job itself is the real prize; the salary difference would be the cherry on top.

But I'm still going to ask for the cherry.

To have a solid job in the cross-hairs has allowed Big Red and I to begin to feel the warmth of that light shinning at the end of what has been a grim tunnel. Instead of talking about how we can "make it through this," now we say, "only a little while longer."

And...we think we've found a place to rent. A decent little townhouse that splits the distance between where I'll be working and where he currently works. It has 3 bedrooms, 1.25 bathrooms, and the deal sealer: a 1-car integral garage. The 1963 VW project can finally be with us and would no longer have to reside in our friend's garage. There's also some usable storage space in a small basement that includes hook-ups for a washer and dryer. Of course I've already started pricing the appliances. The thought of having my own washer and dryer in my own house that does not require quarters, is unbelievably delightful.

I was at Home Depot a few days ago and picked up a couple of paint colors cards...my mind has already gone to making the townhouse ours.

Our own place.
Our own space.
Our own things.
Our own lives.

We're almost home.

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