Rough Patch.

I went shopping today for clothing and left the store disgusted with myself. I start work in two weeks and basically have very little that actually fits me. I allowed myself some money and hit up Old Navy because they're having a sale and left with almost nothing. Everything I tried on, even in my blown up size, looked awful. Gross.

I would kill to be graduate school skinny again and am so angry with myself when I think about how I've just eaten it all away.

I could probably rattle off a million reasons or excuses for why I'm where I'm at, but really they're all just fluff.

I'm not giving up, although I can feel myself wanting to throw in the towel and buy a pint of ice cream to console myself. But I'm not. I won't.

Just having a bad day and feeling pretty down about the way I look.

And contemplating wearing pajama pants to trivia night. But I won't do that either.

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Melissa said...

stay strong woman!