Rudy Situation.

So I get a call yesterday evening from the Project Director of my brand new school. He introduces himself, says he looks forward to meeting me and the rest of us in person and then drops the bomb: the principal has resigned.

What? What!

Yeah. So here I'm thinking this sucks because the principal is my only connection to this school. HE was the one I'd gotten to know through the interview process. The chemistry was great and I felt totally comfortable and excited about working with him.

Nope. Not gonna happen.

Project Director quickly assured me that very little would change and that in fact they (the ever present "THEY" in any situation or statistic) had already identified a new principal and were really excited about their choice. Okay fine.

But this kinda feels like a Rudy situation. Like my former principal was my Ara Parseghian and this new guy is Dan Devine. Like I'm Rudy and have been promised one start in one game next season, but because Dan doesn't know me I'm going to have to make a big stink and have all my teammates give up their jersey's for me. Oh my god!

Okay, maybe it's not THAT bad.

But I still haven't signed anything yet. Crap.

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