Gift of Sight.

There's a reason that various home improvement products, such as Drylock, the paint-on masonry sealer, clearly warns on its label, to wear safety goggles. I learned the hard way this afternoon, that safety goggles are a MUST. While casually slathering on the first coat of Drylock, I flung a minuscule glob into my left eyeball.

It. Burned. Like. HELL.

To make matters worse, in my race to the wash basin to flush out said eyeball, I was lucky enough to round the corner a little to closely and drag my left bicep across two nails. I know have two lovely gouges in my flesh. I immediately applied some good old Neosporin.

I wore goggles for the remainder of our painting.

I will continue to wear goggles when I paint. I like having the ability to see.

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