Kennel Cough

Two months ago, Big Red and I adopted this sweet-faced puppy girl. We named her Olive. We fell in love with her, head over heals, to the moon and back IN LOVE with her, instantly. In the 8 weeks that she has been part of our family, she has irrevocably changed our lives. While I can't speak for Big Red, I'm sure he'd second my sentiments. I'm happy to see her wagging hiney every morning, and I'm tortured when I leave the house. I think of her constantly during the day, and I can't wait to get home after work.

She has brought endless laughter with her silly puppy playfulness, and that has come at a time when Big Red has needed it. This doe-eyed, floppy-eared gal makes him smile from ear to ear. And THAT makes me so very, very happy to see.

About a week ago, our little pup started doing this weird hacking thing. We thought maybe she'd got a piece of a treat or bone stuck in her throat. Something simple like that. But when the hacking didn't stop, I started to get worried. Today I decided to call the vet, and after describing her symptoms, they said I should bring her in immediately. With my stomach in my knees and all kinds of worry running through my mind, I dutifully took her in. I was certain they were going to tell me she had a horrible incurable disease that that our beloved Olive would have to be put down. I had already almost buried her, when the vet casually diagnosed a mild case of kennel cough. Olive would be fine after 5 days on an antibiotic.

What a relief.

Before we got a dog, I 'd heard people tell stories of paying thousands of dollars to make their dogs better. At the time I thought, "well that's just crazy!" It's just an animal and while you love them dearly, that's just ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a dog. For the record, if the vet would have come into the room, checked out Olive and said that a cure would cost $3,000, I would have handed over my credit card without any hesitation. Not a single one. This dog is part of our family now, and I don't know that there isn't much I wouldn't do for her.

On a side note, this got me to thinking. If this is how I am with a DOG, how the hell am I going to be with a child? I mean, I was FREAKED out about something being wrong with Olive. I'm always wondering if she knows that I love her so much, and I always want to shower her with affection. Is this what's it's like to be a real mommy?


Mia said...

Um, to answer your question, yes. At least for me, and I am usually a pessimist and always assume the worst. However, the payoff, like you so beautifully describe with Olive, is so worth it. Don't worry too much now, you'll have plenty of time for it later - and you'll be a great mommy to a human, too. :)

Melissa said...

Ha ha.... Totally have all those thoughts. (Here's my credit card AND if this how I am with a dog how am I going to be with a baby?!) J used to wake me up in the middle of the night to ask if Grizz was breathing normal. :) Glad to hear Olive is alright.