We are exactly 12 days out from Mom & Dad arriving. 12 days. 12 days to finish the basement and there still feels like so much to do. Last night we attempted to install the cabinets for the dry bar area in the "niche" at the back of the room, but that was a disaster. Back when the framing was being done, Big Red wasn't so hot on the idea of cabinets in said area, so he insisted that a strip at the top (a firring strip that is) wasn't going to be necessary. Fast-forward several weeks and hard labor hours later, and as we're dragging the stud finder along the wall the stupid green light won't turn on. I go back into my archive of photographs - of course I've been documenting this process! - and the pictures reveal no stud at the top of the wall.

I was pissed, but I held my tongue. What good would it do now to lay into him? It would feel good momentarily and then we'd both still be looking at cabinets in their boxes, sitting on the floor. So, Big Red went searching for some kind of screw that he had that could, if drilled far enough, would go right through the drywall, insulation and into the masonry that is our foundation. He found them, but it turns out the screws were "worn" and didn't work.

Hours wasted last night. Hours we don't have time to waste.

I've taken the day today to be home and help. Our goals are:

1. Hang the upper cabinet.
2. Install the lower cabinet.
3. Install the tall utility cabinet.
4. Clean the basement & prep for flooring (the wood laminate floor has been acclimating for the last 48 hours)
5. Layout the underlayment.
6. Install the floor.

It's currently 8:24 am. I am awake, obviously, but Big Red is still sleeping. In fact I can hear him snoring from where I sit in the living room. Should I just get started? I probably will. I can't hang the cabinets by myself (and there's a trip to Lowe's involved for some special screws, anyhow), but I can certainly start working on the clean-up. I probably will.

Aside from all this basement fun, there has been a plus. Mom & Dad were hoping for a white Christmas. Granted, it's only December 10th, but there is a solid blanket of snow on the ground, and if my eyes aren't deceiving me, it's currently snowing. What I need is the following to happen on December 22: No major storms to delay flights, but after Mom & Dad land, we could use a nice downfall...just to make sure the white stays white.

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